Developed by The Works Multimedia Production LLC This application is compatible with iOS & Android devices
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INSTALLATION STEP 1: (requires WiFi - you must be connected to the Internet) Download and install TheWorksAdvantage application using the operating system (OS) that your device uses. If you are using an iPhone, please click the link to the iTunes Store. If you are using an Android device, click the link to the Google Play Store. STEP 2: Once the application is installed, you may click TheWorksAdvantage icon to launch the application. Once you see the splash screen, swipe to the left to review the Terms & Conditions. Scroll down to the end to “check” the box to accept the terms and then click on AGREE> to enter. You will need your E-mail ID and password to enter the application. This information will have been sent to you in an E-Mail from your event planner. STEP 3: Type in your E-Mail ID and password and click ENTER. You can swipe to advance to the MAIN MENU. From the MAIN MENU, you can view any of the menu items listed. Click on any menu item to view. To return to the MAIN MENU, click the MENU icon       in the menu bar. You may also swipe to the right to go to the previous screen. You may change the password once you log-in. If you are having trouble logging in - confirm your device is connected to a WiFi service. Then re-enter your log-in details and make sure there are no typos. If you are still having an issue logging in - please email tech support so we can check that the email address in the system is correct. ICON HELP: Main Menu =                 Zoom = ALERTS & NOTICES: Please frequently check for updates by clicking the ALERTS & NOTICES button at the bottom of the screen. REBOOTING THE APP: In the event there is an update - you may be instructed to REBOOT the application: iPhone/iOS users: follow these steps 1. The Multitask screen. To access the Multitasking mode, double- click the Home button on your device. 2. Recent apps. You'll see all the recent apps that have been opened on your device. ... 3. Force quit an app. To force quit one of these app, swipe your finger upwards over the apps thumbnail screen. ... 4. Reboot the app. Go to the app icon and relaunch the app - accept the terms as before, log-in and enter. Android users: follow these steps 1. Open your device's Settings app Settings app. 2. Tap Apps, Applications or Applications Manager to view the list of your installed apps. Locate TheWorksAdvantage app. 3. Tap Force stop. 4. Reboot the app. Go to the app icon and relaunch the app - accept the terms as before, log-in and enter. DELETING THE APP: iPhone/iOS users: 1. Tap and wiggle. After you tap and hold any icon, the apps wiggle, and the X lets you delete them. Deleting apps on an iOS device is simple: Just tap and hold any app icon until all the icons start wiggling. Once you delete the app, click the Home button (apps stop wiggling). Android user: 1. Select the Settings app from your app drawer or home screen. 2. Tap Apps, Applications or Application Manager. 3. Scroll down the list until you find the app you want to remove and tap it. 4. Select Uninstall. TECHNICAL SUPPORT: E-Mail: